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What perfection is made of

As specialists in spherical metal powder production designed for additive manufacturing, we offer quality powders for all additive manufacturing technologies. Our level of precision powders are available at competitive prices–allowing for reliable and cost-efficient production.


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New Alloys


AP&C has dedicated reactors for the production of Nickel Alloy 625 and Nickel Alloy 718 for high temperature applications. See our Nickel Alloy powder offerings below.  


We're the leader in the production of Titanium powders for the additive manufacturing industry. See our Titanium powder offerings below. 




We offer high-quality Aluminum powders with exceptional behavior in Additive Manufacturing machines and a secure supply chain. See our Aluminum powder offerings below. 

What perfection is made of...

Our unique plasma atomization technology, unmatched expertise in additive powders, and unparalleled testing and quality standards makes AP&C the highest-quality provider of additive materials for advanced applications in the market place. Our specialist will collaborate with you to determine the best powder to to fit your additive technology and business needs.