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AP&C’s spherical Ti-6Al-2Sn-4Zr-2Mo-Sialloy powders possess the ideal characteristics for various powder metallurgy technologies, include Additive Manufacturing. The powders are produced using the patented APATM  Plasma Atomization process, which was designed specifically for atomization of high-temperature metals, such as Titanium alloys. With a large industrial capacity for Titanium powder production, AP&C can support high-volume industrial applications, in addition to supporting smaller scale Research & Development opportunities.


Particle size distribution is measured by laser diffraction as per ASTM B822.  Due to the high sphericity and very low satellites present on AP&C powder, the particle size distribution is highly uniform and the D10, D50 and D90 meet and exceed the industry requirements with an exceptional batch to batch reliability. The typical powder atomization yield ranges from 0-150 µm, after atomization, the powder is sieved according customer specifications.

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