TiAl is a new class of aerospace alloys that offers an excellent strength-to-weight ratio as well as high chemical and thermal stability. Gamma titanium aluminide alloy has excellent mechanical properties as well as oxidation and corrosion resistance at elevated temperatures (over 600 degrees Celsius). TiAl is the latest class of materials competing with Nickel superalloys for the fabrication of aircraft engine parts such as low-pressure turbine
(LPT) blades.


Titanium aluminide: Ti-48Al-2Cr-2Nb

Powder chemistry may comply with standards: AMS 7023 
Typical particle size distributions (PSD): 0-45μm, 45-150 μm

 SD Size distribution by laser diffraction (ASTM B822)  Apparent density (ASTM B212)  Flow rate (ASTM B213) Oxygen content
   D10  D50  D90      
0-45 µm 8 µm 23 µm 40 µm 2.20 g/cm3 N/A 0.20%
45-150 µm 53 µm 79 µm 133 µm 2.30 g/cm3 32 s  0.13%
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Particle size distribution is measured by sieving as per ASTM B214 and by laser diffraction as per ASTM B822.  Due to the high sphericity and very low satellites present on AP&C powder, the powder flowability exceeds the industry requirements. In addition, the particle size distribution is highly uniform, with an exceptional batch to batch reliability. The typical powder atomization yield ranges from 0-150 µm. After atomization, the powder is sieved according to customer specifications.